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Music to my/your/our ears

October 24, 2011

My current favorite bands that you should definitely check out are these!

Goyte (info) and LISTEN 



Here is a grooveshark playlist of some especially awesome songs by both musicians…

All at once I find these to be uplifting, engaging, encouraging, energizing…but yet they can slip into the background when more pressing work is in front of me. The videos are pretty great too!








Band of the Day – Ameranouche

June 16, 2010

If you like gypsy jazz, this band is for you. The rhythms send me moving, matching the beats with my body,  as soon as I hear it.

To hear the songs visit their website. Reminds me of the style of the Clearwater Hot Club.

If you happen to be in Belfast, ME on Saturday June 19th come out and hear them!



June 3, 2010

For more tunes and their latest beats. They’re from Sweden. They are also one of my ALL TIME favorite music artists – it’s like their music is part of my personality. If I had a music personality – Koop fits it to a T.

Waltz for Koop  (( Jazzy – smooth – rhythmic – sweet ))

Listen : (knowing that the links might not work forever, unfortunately)

Waltz for Koop



Waltz for Koop

Waltz for Koop album

Song of the Day

May 14, 2010

A Broken Consort

Instrumental / cello / percussionMountains Ash by A Broken Consort