the color me.

a collection of thoughts and observations.

an assemblage of experiences.

i am interested in design activism, energy efficiency and conservation, public architecture, bicycles, artistic interventions, graphic design, local foods, maps, systems (of movement, people, cities, ecology), geography, stories, and what makes the culture of a people and a place.

tell me your story!


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hello! Just discovered your site and I see that you like to combine paper with sewing as I do:) Is there a way to subscribe to your blog so I receive it in my email? Merci beaucoup, Trishia.

    • keihly Says:

      Oh thank you! There is a little “follow” button in the upper left hand corner? I think can do an RSS feed service but I dont know much about it…other than that I’m not sure. Do you have a link to your work? I clicked on your name and the it couldnt find the link to the etsy shop? Would love to see what you’re up to! 🙂

  2. Keihly, Yes, you’re showing up in my email now! My blog is frenchkissed.blogpost.com and I sell digitals/original postcards on Etsy (frenchkissed.etsy.com) and I sell higher end collector’s postcards on Ruby Lane. Unfortunately, I spend so much time in ‘existence mode’ trying to make a buck, that I don’t get to do as much hands-on creating, just the digital that I resell. But I’ve been wanting to make an assemblage for my hubby’s bathroom and the nautical maps will be perfect for the background cover.

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