Saving a (bicycle) life

October 24, 2011

The note

Did it work?

So the other week at the APA-NC planning conference there was a bicycle parked in Uptown and I noticed that I could take the beefy lock right off the of the seat…it was clearly a poorly designed locking strategy. And because it’s always  not fun to lose your possessions…I decided to write a little note. Perhaps this cyclist thought they were foolin? I started the note off: “dear awesome cyclist” hoping not to strike a lecture-y cord. I was going for the friendly-reminder/suggestive approach. And then there is the issue of where to put the note so that someone else who is in more need of a bicycle than I wouldnt read and take the hint…I hope this rolled approach was effective…

I always get a kick of writing random/anonymous notes in public 🙂 Hopefully it made a (positive difference) in their day.


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