together steps continue.

October 5, 2010

for maryjo in minnesota. together steps continue.

One weekend I just couldn’t help but challenge my mind into composing for some people I had been thinking about. I should have been working on my studio project, but this was such a good way to practice making in another form.

It actually  all started because I found a box, a piece of material that I had been waiting for, and that set me off into sifting through my papers, looking for the perfect combination to express my inkling of each person. Sometimes I dont know what it is, but the compositions seem to fit in just the right way, visually forming  my memory of them.

And when I mail them..its like I’m throwing my work to the wind, never sure if they’ll get there or not, or when… and hoping that along the way someone will take a liking to them, and knowing, or hoping, that someone will read them, even when they know they arent supposed to.

for dad in south carolina. he likes engines, trains, and how things work.

for jenny in illinois, where cornscapes abound.

for jon in iowa who likes to know things. i figured he could learn about hot air balloons.

for sue in iowa. her delightful responses keep inspiring me.


5 Responses to “together steps continue.”

  1. I really like the use of materials and composition of your postcards. Really nice.

    • keihly Says:

      Thank you! It really seems to be the materials that generate the inspiration. I like working with what I have, working within the given means – more restraint equals more creative solutions…

      Thank you, too, for your insightful writings! Brilliant! I think we all should get back to the pen and ink kind of letters more often than we do – there is a certain charm still wrapped up within them that email will never have…(fortunately)…

      Also, your stamp entry reminds me of a mini collection of stamps I have that I got from the Postal Museum in DC. They are really great, and I’m excited to use them in future compositions, so stay tuned!

  2. I entirely agree that more restraint equals more creativity. The topic of creativity fascinates me. I’ve often wanted to do experiments giving people a few items and say “Make something with just this.” or consider the depression, people were very creative with their resources. Lastly a question I love to ask “Do you think all people are creative or have some capacity to be so?”

  3. keihly Says:

    You should do those experiments! I think people have forgotten how to play…to not take things too seriously – that there is no right answer..
    I think all people DO have the capacity to be creative…but I think there are varying levels to which people realize/embrace this… I think creativity is essential to survival..but I think it also depends on what your definition is.. (for example, people can be creative at procrastinating or getting out of work…)

  4. Yes I think creative can be an overlay for most anything. It’s not limited to the arts.

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