Postcards for the people

August 17, 2010

Postcard for Sue

So, I’ve been in the mood to make. Sometimes it just comes over me, stronger than other times, and I just can’t help it. Composing postcards from found things is the most satisfying, especially when they go nicely together with a little stitching from my 1974 Singer. I compose each with the person in mind, it makes it more fun. I like the challenge of working with scraps, odd sizes, and random materials. Sue’s postcard, above, was paper from the packaging of a fragrance, for example. Juan’s postcard, below, is from a local gallery show.

There is something about writing a postcard, too, that intrigues me. I write about the moment, current thoughts, often a stream of consciousness. And these thoughts travel openly through the mail, through several hands, right there, for anyone to read. And, its a one way conversation, receiving no response, or, at the most, a slow one. But I dont mind.

Postcard for Juan

Postcard for Juan

These, below, are from a book the French Company produced, and I got it for free at a Pecha Kucha event. A little mixing and matching combines the funky images in fun ways. I chose the images especially with the character in mind.

Postcards for Jim + Beth

Postcards for Jim + Beth

Postcard Darlene + Konya

Postcards for Darlene + Konya

I forgot to return Juan’s bicycle lock key, so I found a good way to do it sandwiched between 2 cards I used from the packaging of a fleece blanket (made in China, $7.99, thank you TJMax). The images are from a National Geographic, highlighting China, and I liked following the lines of the building to accent the crowd. I left the side slots in for fun, and later realized it would be a perfect place to secure the key. I put it all in a small clear gift bag from an earlier purchase. Now the postmasters can see the images from the outside. I hope they enjoy them.

Letter for Juan, side 1 - Chinese Factory

Letter for Juan, side 1 - Chinese Factory

Letter for Juan, side 2 - Chinese Factory

Letter for Juan, side 2 - Chinese Factory

Do you want a unique, hand-sewn, snail-mail-delivered creation? Tell me your address.


4 Responses to “Postcards for the people”

  1. jenny goodwine Says:

    KEIHLY! this is great! i love hand-making post cards, but i never thought of using a sewing machine… it gives it such an interesting look. if you have a hankering to send one more out… (i would LOVE one and put it on my wall. i’ll even squeal, i promise. haha but no pressure.):

    jenny goodwine
    703 W. California
    Urbana, IL 61801

    and cool idea to send the key in between the cards… i am always concerned about postage amount with sneaky stuff like that, especially because i don’t put a return address on there usually. i hope it got to juan safely!

    i really enjoy your creative posts, thanks!

  2. jenny goodwine Says:

    you’re also re-inspiring me to keep in touch with people.

    thanks :^)

  3. keihly Says:

    one postcard, coming your way! thanks for posting!! 🙂

  4. julia and eli Says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs, and postcards, writing…
    Our address is pob 563 happy camp ca 96039

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