Summer Solstice in Maine

June 21, 2010

**Please see the comment section – a poem awaits you (complete with the audio from the author.)**

I knew I wouldn’t regret waking up at 5am on the Summer Solstice…and I’ve got some photos to prove it. (One thing the photos dont show are all the mosquitoes who also thought it would be a good time to get up and active..)

Due East

Due East. Morning look over the misty marsh

A nod to the light

Misty Morning Marsh

Sprinkled about

Structured web

morning look over the misty marsh

Pearly web

dew laden

Pearly reflections

Textured Haze


3 Responses to “Summer Solstice in Maine”

  1. keihly Says:

    The morning dew reveals the spider’s craft.

  2. Declan Says:

    The link above is an audio clip of the poem transcribed below.

    Inspired by the image “Textured Haze”

    Plants Crying
    by. Declan B. Keefe

    Within it,
    An expression of the paint brush called Reality,
    Mixed moments melding,
    Vegetation to sky,
    Loosely let the playful mother show us her abstract works,
    Strong verticality,
    A few broken strokes from tiered wrist in repetition,
    The infinite out,
    The infinite up,

    I didn’t know the sky could melt,
    And didn’t think the plants would cry when spring left,
    But alas, but alas,
    Think through it,
    Along the minute obstacles of the anchored root in earth,
    There is no way there,
    but, cant help but rush through the imaginative form of me,
    In it,
    The cast net sulks as the morning reveals its illusion.
    No tricks for the early morning aphid,
    Along with the rest, just waiting for the hours to pass,
    to count them,
    Wouldn’t want the sun to pull a fast one on me,
    What if tomorrow is really the day,
    Maybe longer and longer still,
    Maybe this year the sun will win,
    Night sleeps through,
    But, I doubt it,
    It all goes round, and we all nod our heads as we pass by,
    Silently understanding the way it all goes down,
    Or at least pretending to,
    Because we cant know:
    Why the flowers balance,
    how the cell is structured,
    what the air is made of,
    how the soil feels,
    where the spider went,
    And if it’s all beautiful for a reason,
    Perhaps its all for this moment now,
    all for me,
    to align it all just right,
    I doubt it,
    It all goes ’round, and we all nod our heads as we pass by,
    Silently understanding something.

  3. Ben Says:

    Very nice photographs!

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