June 3, 2010

For more tunes and their latest beats. They’re from Sweden. They are also one of my ALL TIME favorite music artists – it’s like their music is part of my personality. If I had a music personality – Koop fits it to a T.

Waltz for Koop  (( Jazzy – smooth – rhythmic – sweet ))

Listen : (knowing that the links might not work forever, unfortunately)

Waltz for Koop



Waltz for Koop

Waltz for Koop album


2 Responses to “Koop”

  1. juan Says:


    There’s a killer remix of “Baby”, even with a music video!

    Listen to how the melody is exactly the same – but the chords are now completely different!

  2. keihly Says:

    haha! what silly characters! loved the mustache! Thanks for posting!

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